Meta Quest 2

Challenge: As a part of the AAF National Student Advertising Competition, develop a campaign for the Meta Quest 2. Make the Quest 2 headset a piece of coveted tech for 18-24 year olds.

The Team: Carly Civello, Kiana Cook, Anna Costello, Bridgit Donoghue, Ted Fein, Lucas Gaitan, Zoe Grant, Mia Iannucci, Maya Krishnamurthy, Ryan Rivera, Payton Shand, Allison Silibovsky, Robert Tufarolo, and Shiv Vats

My Role: Art Direction, Copywriting, Plans Book Design, Scriptwriting, Brand Campaign Design and Storyboarding, and Lead of Presentation Design

The Brand Campaign

Your Friends Are Within Reach

The heart of this campaign is social connection, love, and possibility. With the Meta Quest 2, your friends are never too far away.

Plans Book