Graphic Design

Personal Projects

I love working on design projects for college courses, but I like creating art on my own, too. Here are some of my most recent design projects— you can find more on @surrealsketchbook on Instagram!

Client: Normandy Alberti

As a COVID-19 Small Business Consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to lend my graphic design skills to a few projects over the past year. Normandy Alberti is a designer high-heel business focused on individuality and bold color.

Ice Cream Series

This was a self-directed project with a goal of personifying classic ice cream flavors. You’ll see a lot of design projects involving food (I’m just hungry, ok?).

Food Truck Project

Project Requirements: create a concept for a food truck in Philadelphia. Create everything from the menu to the logo and social media posts for the food truck.

Restaurant Branding Project

Project Requirements: create a concept for a Stephen Starr restaurant named Sunday Morning; must include a mood board, logo, typography and color choice explanations, bus shelter advertisement, and a magazine advertisement

Concert Typography Project

Project Requirements: typography only (no images or graphics), pick a band of your choice, pick a concert date of your choice, create one black and white design and two in color

Advertising Composition Project

Project Requirements: create two different advertising flyers, both flyers must include the provided text

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