Zoomars Petting Zoo

For an assignment in my Copywriting for Radio, TV, and Video class, I wrote two radio spots about a petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. The big idea in the creative brief was “old fashioned fun.”

Zoo Animal Job Fair :60 & Guinea Pig Monologue :45

Philabundance Campaign

For an assignment in my Introduction to Copywriting class, I was tasked with coming up with a campaign for Philabundance that would encourage people to help the organization. The headlines, art direction, and tagline were done by me. I wanted the advertisements to show the huge impact just one donation or volunteer can make. The final tagline for the campaign was Your Neighbors Need You.

Miracle Gro Campaign

This campaign was a group project for Introduction to Copywriting that I completed with Alexis Levant, a PR major at Temple University. We were tasked with creating a print and OOH campaign for Miracle-Gro’s All Purpose Plant Food. Our big idea for this campaign was that people don’t just grow plants with Miracle-Gro— they grow things that are beautiful, healthy, and delicious. I created the artwork and layout for all ads shown below, and Alexis and I both wrote all of the copy shown. The final tagline for the campaign was A Greater Garden.

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