Hi, I’m Carly.

I love selling brands, places, and products. But I hate selling myself.

I have a B.A. in Advertising from Temple University, and during my time at Temple I specialized, well, being creative. I have a passion for art direction and copywriting which means I’m a storyteller who hates Comic Sans.

I’m a creative by day and a creative by night. When I’m not at my computer in the Adobe Creative Suite, I’m setting up my bullet journal or doodling in a sketchbook. I love tackling art challenges like 36 Days of Type and Inktober, too! You’ll always find me with paint on my hands, a pencil in my hand, or typing away on my computer.

I’m more than experienced in all things art, and I’m also fluent in Google Ads, French (well, high school French), and during the pandemic I became all too familiar with Zoom and Slack. If you’re looking for a creative to join your team, or if you just want to grab coffee and talk typography and bullet journaling, I’m your person.

Enough about me— tell me about yourself! Send me a message here or reach out to me via email at cncivello@icloud.com.

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, download my resume below!